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Corporate Team

Coverdale Trust Services Ltd. is affiliated with two prominent Caribbean law firms: O’Neal Webster and Myers Fletcher and Gordon, both members of the prestigious Lex Mundi group of law firms.

O'Neal Webster

O'Neal Webster is a full service commercial and litigation law firm based in the British Virgin Islands committed to providing quality service to its clients. The firm is a member firm of Lex Mundi, the world's largest association of independent law firms.

The firm was originally formed in 1990. The Partners of the firm are highly regarded locally and internationally and have lectured at international conferences and served as judges, magistrates, presidents of the Bar Association, presidents of Rotary, tutors at the national college, chairpersons and members of many Government committees and other civic and professional organizations.

Their legal team provides our clients with a wide range of legal solutions in commercial law in relation to transactional work, BVI real estate development, trusts and estate planning, offshore company formation and administration, mutual funds and intellectual property.

Their litigation team offers our international and domestic clients comprehensive advice and experienced representation in a wide range of commercial matters involving BVI corporations.

For more information, please visit the law firm website at

Myers Fletcher & Gordon

Myers Fletcher & Gordon is the largest law firm in Jamaica and has offices in the capital, Kingston. Their client base includes a wide range of both local and international clients with interests in the Caribbean. The Partners are highly regarded both locally and internationally. The firm is a member of Lex Mundi. Clients wishing to know more about the services offered by Myers Fletcher & Gordon are invited to visit their web site at

About BVI

The BVI has been an offshore financial center for over twenty years. Business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs around the world use BVI companies to hold their investments, hold their real estate and to carry on their businesses. That is why over 400,000 corporations are registered in the BVI!

The government of the BVI works hard to keep the BVI competitive. It regularly consults with industry and outside stakeholders to understand business needs and to innovate solutions. The financial sector is a leading part of the economy in the BVI. That is why the BVI government is so eager to support international business.

What features makes the BVI an attractive option for offshore financial services?

There are a number of features that make BVI so attractive:
• Fast and efficient registration of companies 
• Efficient regulation of trust companies and other service providers
• Strong legal and accounting infrastructure that draws on talent from across the globe to serve business efficiently and effectively
• The political and economic stability of being a British Overseas Territory 
• A low crime rate
• The official currency is the United States Dollar
• Located in a favorable time zone for dealing with both the US and Europe inside the same work day
• A separate system of taxation from the United Kingdom.
• Securities and Investment Business Act provides an excellent framework for the establishment of public and professional Mutual Funds
• A solid legal framework based on English common law, administered by a court system with a High Court, Court of Appeal and final appeal to the Privy Council in London.
• Robust Insolvency legislation in keeping with international standards
• Home to a leading arbitration center to resolve commercial disputes

There are a number of features the BVI does NOT have that also make it more attractive and more competitive than other offshore centers:
• No corporation tax for BVI Business Companies
• No estate, inheritance, succession and gift taxes on individuals
• No currency exchange controls

There is no better place to do business than the BVI with Coverdale!



About BVI

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a group of some 36 islands, 16 of which are inhabited, located about 70 miles east of Puerto Rico within the Lesser Antilles chain of Caribbean Islands. They have an estimated population of 28,000. The islands occupy an area of 59 Sq miles. The principal town and commercial centre is Road Town, on the island of Tortola. Principal economic activities are tourism and financial services. Principal access to the islands is by air through San Juan, Puerto Rico or Antigua or by ferry from St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

BVI Governor

The BVI is a British Overseas Territory with a Governor appointed by Her Majesty's Government, and an elected legislature, headed by a Premier. The Governor is responsible for external relations, defense, and internal security including the police, public service and the administration of justice. All other matters, including finance and taxation, are the responsibility of local Government. The Legal system is based on English Common Law; there is an efficient commercial court with final appeal to the UK Privy Council.

BVI Reputation

The Territory enjoys the reputation of being a stable, secure, sophisticated democracy with a commitment to providing quality service to a quality clientele. This reputation, together with innovative and flexible legislation, has helped to make BVI companies, such as Coverdale, become recognized and accepted by banks, stock exchanges and governments throughout the world. As such, the Territory is maintained as the largest incorporator of companies in the world.

What we do

Coverdale Group is one of the BVI's leading full-service corporate management and trust firms. We provide business owners, with timely and professional company management and trust services. We also provide director, secretary and nominee shareholder services to companies who require those services.

Approximately 5000 BVI Business Companies worldwide engage Coverdale as their registered agent and to provide them with their registered office in the BVI.

We act as trustee for trusts governed by BVI law, including BVI's unique VISTA Trusts. We also act as Authorised Representative under BVI's Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010.


Coverdale Trust Services Limited was established in 1993 in the course of a strategic alliance between O'Neal Webster O'Neal of Tortola BVI and Myers Fletcher Gordon of Kingston Jamaica. Coverdale maintains a close working relationship with the successor to each firm. These close relationships provide Coverdale clients with easy access to legal services in the BVI, New York. London and Kingston Jamaica where at least one or both of these firms provide legal services. Both firms are members of the prestigious Lex Mundi group of law firms.

Who we are

We are an eleven-member team of management and staff from diverse backgrounds and experience dedicated to providing timely and professional service to our clients.

Coverdale Trust Services Limited holds a Class I Trust License under BVI's Banks and Trust Companies Act, 1990. Coverdale Trust Services Limited also provides services through the following licensed subsidiaries:

  • Coverdale Authorised Representative Limited
  • Coverdale Directors Limited
  • Coverdale Secretaries Limited
  • Coverdale Shareholders Limited
  • Coverdale Trustees Limited

How To Reach Us

Please contact us at:
Coverdale Trust Services Limited
30 DeCastro Street
PO Box 4519
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands VG1110

Attention: Ronald Schmalcel, General Manager

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Tel: +1 (284) 494-6727

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